Are you under-charging for your cakes?

We have a weekly Facebook thread to help us all figure out how much everyone is charging for their bespoke cakes.

Here's another week of "What Would You Charge Wednesdays", a Facebook thread discussion about how much everyone is charging for their cakes with pictures.

Because we've received so much interest in our posts, this week we're featuring 2 custom cakes!

What Would You Charge for a Cake Like This?Please write in the comments below and help your fellow cakers figure out...

Posted by BakeCalc on Wednesday, May 20, 2015

1 - Despicable Me Minion by Shawn & Tina Martin from Beckley, WV.

  • total time spent was 5 hours
  • serves 30 people
  • all buttercream
  • 5" and 8" rounds stacked

2 - Batman Cake by Kimberly Doughty from Sunland, CA.

  • total time was 10 hours
  • serves 60 people
  • 6" and 10", three layers

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You're also welcome to post pictures of your own cakes in the comments section and ask other bakers about own cake prices :)

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