Do you wonder what other bakers are charging for their cake creations?

Same here! So, we started a Facebook thread to help us all figure out how much everyone is charging for their bespoke cakes.

We'd love to introduce you to "What Would You Charge Wednesdays", a Facebook thread discussion about how much everyone is charging for their cakes with pictures.

BakeCalc - What Would You Charge for a Cake Like This?Please write in the comments below and help fellow bakers figure...

Posted by BakeCalc on Wednesday, May 13, 2015

This week's featured custom cake is created by Kim Carlton from Fairfield, NJ. Her boat cake is:

  • white cake,
  • chocolate raspberry buttercream,
  • fondant,
  • all edible except dowling,
  • made the boat out of gum paste and hand painted it,
  • baby shower cake for 80 people.

If you'd like to participate, we've embedded our Facebook page thread up there so you just need to leave your comments, feedback, and suggestions!

You're also welcome to post pictures of your own cakes in the comments section and ask other bakers about own cake prices :)

Here's a link to our Facebook thread:

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