A good home baking business should do everything possible to provide a premium service to its customers. This includes using quality ingredients and recipes to make the best quality products to sell.

Delivery home baked goods

But can you do more to ensure your customers are even happier?

It can be worthwhile to think about services that you could offer as a part of your business to give more value to your customers. Delivery of home baked goods is a prime example.

Is it worth it for you to offer delivery of your products to customers? Here are some things you should consider.

How will your business benefit?

Delivery is an added service that your customers will not necessarily take for granted, but it is definitely something that they may appreciate. If they are regular customers of your home baking business, they likely already know what products you have to offer and would love to save the time needed to drop in by getting the goods delivered directly to their home.

Customer satisfaction is important for the continuity of your business. Offering a service like delivery is likely to keep your customers happier with your business and become regular customers.

In addition, a delivery service may help to expand your client base and make more sales of your products. You’d be surprised how many people would like to buy your products, but just don’t muster up the energy to drive to your home and buy the goods. Delivery makes it easy for people to access your business and buy your products, increasing your business.

Delivery can also be an additional source of revenue, as it is normal to charge a service fee. This fee can simply cover costs or make a little profit to increase the benefits for your business.

What will it cost?

Before we get carried away with the benefits, though, we need to think about the logistics of offering a delivery service. Is it worth it?

Firstly, there is the vehicle running costs to think about. Do you already have a vehicle that you can use to make deliveries? How much would fuel cost to make each delivery? Often home baking business owners are able to use their personal car for deliveries, which cuts down on vehicle costs a lot – the only thing you need to think about is the fuel.

Another consideration is the time it takes to make deliveries. How far do you need to drive and how long will this take you? How much is your time worth? Time is a precious resource and you may find that you don’t have time to deliver products with all the baking you need to do.

Is delivery worth the hassle?

Whether your home baking business should offer delivery depends on the type of business you are running and how much your customers would appreciate the service.

It is important to weigh up the benefits of customer satisfaction, larger customer base and increased profit against the expenses that the service will cost you such as vehicle running costs and time. It can be helpful to write down a list of benefits and expenses and make a decision based on how it should affect your business in the long term.

In the end, offering delivery is a service that your customers are likely to appreciate. If you’ve got the time to spare and like the idea of adding extra value to your business, delivery can be a great way to do this.

Is it worth it? That all depends on how much it means to your home baking business.

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Yolanda S.
Yolanda S.