Are you just getting started with home baking and need tools to help you organize your orders, create invoices, manage inventory and price out your cakes?

It's hard to stomach the cost of CakeBoss and spend $149 for software so we've compiled a list of 3 tools that you can use ad hoc to price cakes, manage your orders, and invoice clients!

Cake Pricing

Cake pricing

Not sure how much you should be charging for your cakes? You can easily calculate the cost of your baked goods by using this cake pricing tool. The most important thing to remember is:

The most precious ingredient you put into your cakes and baking is YOUR TIME.

Cake Order Scheduling

Cake and Bakery order scheduling

Google calendar is free tool provided that you have a Google account. You can easily create a calendar, and events to help your organize when your orders are due.

Don't forget to add in your labor costs in your cakes. Overhead and delivery are also commonly overlooked fees that you need to be thinking about!

Cake Invoicing

Cake invoicing

BakeCalc has recently launched an elegant cake invoicing tool. Once you get started, we’ll walk you through the process of creating a professional invoice for your baking business clients, including itemized billing for your baked-goods, supplies, hours, delivery and more. At the end, you'll have a chance to print your newly created invoice.

Create elegant cake invoices and show your clients that your skills go beyond just baking cakes.

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