Coffee flour

In the crowded and ever-evolving health food market, another, rather unusual sounding baking ingredient has emerged - coffee flour.

The gluten-free product, which calls itself 'the new global impact food' is still in production but set to hit stores next year, and appears to pack an impressive nutritional punch.

Coffee Flour Nutrition Facts

Coffee flour, derived from the fruit of the coffee plant, contains 50 per cent more protein per gram than wholewheat flour, and five times the fiber - according to its makers.

It also boasts three times the iron content than fresh spinach, twice the potassium of a banana and 84 per cent less fat than coconut flour.

Coffee Flour Recipes

Its creators say the product can be baked into bread, cakes and even pasta dough, and, unsurprisingly, delivers a caffeine kick - less than standard brewed coffee though, according to its website description, depending on how much you use of course.

As for the taste, it doesn't resemble coffee at all, rather 'floral citrus and roasted fruit-type notes.'

And it appears the product doesn't just come as a culinary advantage for consumers - it helps coffee farmers all around the world.

The company proudly states that it has found an innovative way to make use of the parts of coffee plants that are usually discarded during the production of the beans we grind into our coffees every day.

(H/T MailOnline)

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